Valuing and Giving back to the Environment

in Hotels, Hospitality & Tourism Development

The Planet Tip. A Thank You to Nature for the Wonderful Service

The Planet Tip®, is a science based, price calculation, of the environmental harm impacts created by the products and services we buy.

These environmental impacts are not factored into the price of the production, sale and use of goods and services, but cause damage to the Earths natural resources and ecosystems, such as - clean air, livable climate, rich biodiversity, and fresh water.

The Planet Tip is given as a gratuity by the customers of hotels, tourism and hospitality.
It funds the restoration and preservation of the local and global environment.
And says a thank you to nature for its wonderful service - one hotel room night, one traveller, one diner at a time.

Planet Tip- the price of our Greenhouse Gas and Biodiversity Impacts (GABI)

GABI, the Greenhouse Gas and Biodiversity Impact software tool, is used to measure environmental harms, GABI then automatically calculates the value of that harm as the -
Planet Tip the amount to pay back to nature - one Trip; one Hotel Room Night; one Event; one Diner; at a time.

iTravwell CIC, a planet-over-profit company, delivers the Planet Tip® to contribute to local environment and sustainability action -

We focus on tackling the High Impact areas, such as:

  • Climate including Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Biodiversity issues and Plastic reduction
  • Localising resources and increasing funding that regenerates the environment and empowers communities
         → Work out your holidays Planet Tip (a consumer friendly version of GABI)

iTravwell CIC

a Planet-not-Profit company

Planet Tip funds are accepted and controlled by iTravwell CIC, a planet-not-profit 'Community Interest Company'

A Community Interest Company, is an asset locked company where any of its assets (including any profits, surpluses generated by its activities) must be used for community benefit. CIC's are required to conform to United Kingdom CIC legal requirements in relation to structure, purpose and operations; iTravwell CIC is registered with Companies House - Registration Number: 14236070.

It is the responsibility and role of iTravwell CIC, to govern, coordinate and allocate Planet Tip funding to verified local or global environmental projects. The preferred funding model is a decentralised one, where we keep a short journey between the project and the funding source. Put bluntly, what gets given in that region or country should be spent in that region or country.

         → Learn more about iTravwell CIC, Planet Tip, GABI - governance and structures

Measuring Environmental Harm Impacts with GABI

Greenhouse Gas and Biodiversity Impact tool

The Planet Tip is calculated using GABI software provided by Total Life Cycle (TLC) who provide analytic and data driven technology solutions for Hospitality and Hotels, that is simple to use and results in the engagement of visitors and guests to contribute to local sustainability action

The financial cost of biodiversity harm impacts can be significantly higher than climate impacts. A single plastic (PET) water bottle can be thousand times more costly to biodiversity than to climate. Agriculture and farming also cause environmental impacts related to pesticides, fertilisers and animal waste. GABI focuses on measuring the highest impact issues and promotes improvement by informing stakeholders of where little changes can make a big difference.

         → Learn more about GABI for hotels and hospitality

Communications, Marketing and PR

In Partnership with Travwell

We have partnered with Travwell, experts in bespoke communications and destination marketing that supports and communicates your national and business sustainability journey

Tourism provides 10% of World GDP (UNEP) And produces 8% of man made Climate Gases (Nature)
Tourism is described as the largest voluntary transfer of resources to the developing world (BBC & Guardian)
Takeaway food and beverage dominate Oceanic Plastic

Hotels Hospitality and Tourism have massive Impacts, so let's make them Positive
Ensure your Hospitality, Hotel or Tourism Destination is

Good for Climate, Biodiversity and Place


  • Green House Gases
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous Oxides
  • Sulphur Oxides
  • Particulates

Protecting and Restoring

  • Ecosystems
  • Oceans & Sea Life
  • Fresh Water
  • Land Protection
  • Plant Species
  • Animal Species
  • Areas of Special Productivity

Preserving and Supporting

  • Communities
  • History
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Religious Sites
  • Remedies and Health